January 2017

Happy New Year dear friends!

Marty and I want to take this opportunity to wish you the richest of blessings in 2017 and to thank you for the many prayers offered on our behalf in 2016. What a year it was! We became grandparents for the first time, welcoming Caleb Vincent Hoyt into the world. In addition, and unexpectedly, Marty had open heart surgery bypassing a blocked artery and repairing a faulty mitral valve. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate all of you who stay in touch with us and lift us up in your thoughts and prayers.

In 2017 we are approaching a new season as are many of you. Marty and our sweet daughter Misha, are close to completing an album of songs they wrote and recorded this past year. They have a mutual desire to sing and minister together as father and daughter, modeling and imparting 'L'dor Vador - from generation to generation'

For 33 years, the majority of our work has come through 'word or mouth', people telling people about Marty's ministry in music. We have been invited to sing at conferences, home gatherings, churches and Messianic congregations...all because of YOU!

If you would like to invite them together, or individually, please email,

It is a new season and we rejoice in all that God is doing in our lives. Let's rejoice together and say PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

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marty and misha goetz