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In the land where the first psalms of praise and worship were offered to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we had a unique opportunity to sing our songs in an unforgettable live concert, overlooking the city of Jerusalem. This recording captures the sounds and the spirit of that exciting evening, which kicked off the first of many tours of Israel we plan to host as a father-daughter musical team. Joined by the Tel Aviv Soloists Ensemble, under the direction of David Loden, we shared our music, message and ministry with an appreciative and enthusiastic audience. You are now invited, through our Live from Jerusalem DVD and CD, to join in this celebration; a labor of love from the place loved by the God of Israel and all who love Him. May His blessing be upon you as you watch and listen.

Shalom and thanks be to God - Marty & Misha



Also available in CD

marty goetz live


Marty Goetz


DVD plus FREE CD of "More Than The Watchman" included IN THE DVD BOX. Five original songs previously only available on cassette.

The DVD is Marty's original video "Psalm Enchanted Evening" with a new title of "Marty Goetz In Concert".

This DVD has 40 minutes of bonus material in addition to 90 minutes of Marty in concert with a full orchestra. It also includes a version of the song, "More Than The Watchman" recorded for television in 1982.

Additional songs on the DVD are "Hineni", "I Call You Friend", "Who Has Believed" (Isaiah 53 with Marty giving an invitation) and "More Than The Watchman" with a young Marty in 1982.

The songs on the CD are:

"This Poor Man Cries", "Light Is Sown for the Righteous", "We Being Many" (sung with Debby Boone), "More Than The Watchman" and "A Jew Born Anew"

This is a must have for people who love Marty's music!!!!

Below are a list of songs on the CD that you may click on and listen to! The ones with no audio are on the DVD.

Special Bulk Pricing Available!! Pricing options:

One DVD  
Includes a 5 song CD titled 'More Than The Watchman'


3 DVD's
For the price of 2..(one for FREE) /We will add it to your package.
$ 43.90


10 DVDs
At $10 each/please give them away as gifts!!


Other songs:
A Jew Born Anew (No Audio)
Oh Lord, Our Lord (No Audio)
Paslm 23 (No Audio)
Prince Of Peace (No Audio)
A Jew Born Anew (No Audio)
For Zion's Sake (No Audio)
We Being Many (No Audio)
O Holy One (No Audio)
He Is My Defense (No Audio)
Chanukah (No Audio)
The Love Of God (No Audio)
More Than The Watchman (No Audio)
Let Us Run (No Audio)



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