'Let me recommend Marty Goetz' ministry to you! There are few music ministries as bright, creative, and refreshing as Marty's and it's my delight to introduce you to him if you've not met before. He and his wife, Jenny, have been a faithful part of the congregation here and are trusted in their life, character and witness for Jesus Christ.

The striking distinctive to Marty's ministry are not only his uncanny capability at lifting a congregation through song, but the special touch of depth and humor -- in beautiful combination--which comes as a result of his Jewish background. Marty will be a blessing to you. I know, because I have watched him bless our congregation!

Jack Hayford
Senior Pastor, The Church On The Way

'Allow me to introduce to you, a man that has been unusually gifted by God, to both lead God's people in worship, as well as share truths from Scripture through song. His name is Marty Goetz.

I have worked with Marty many times over the years and, often when I listen to him sing and minister, I can't help but think of David, the psalmist, for indeed Marty will use many of the Psalms in his music, as well as many other Scriptures that are presented in a way that challenge one spiritually.

Marty is a humble man and this comes through in his music with a real desire to bring honor to God. We have found Marty's ministry effective in preparing the hearts of the people for a message as well as doing a self contained time of ministry through word and song. I heartily recommend him to you.'

Greg Laurie
Harvest Christian Fellowship & Harvest Crusades

'Marty's singing is characterized by three qualities which I believe always brings glory to God and magnifies our wonderful Savior. First and foremost, his lyrics are scriptural. You cannot get anything better than singing the actual text of the Word of God. There was hardly a message delivered during our Institute that he did not compliment with an appropriate musical presentation. Secondly, Marty's music is spiritual. Anyone with perception would sense that the anointing of the Spirit is upon him. That is a rare thing today. Thirdly, Marty's music is special. We are all familiar with both ancient and modern offerings today, but very few carry that lilting and haunting Hebraic quality, which takes me back to Bible times and especially King David. For those who love the Old Testament especially, this was both precious and profitable. Marty has my full support.'

Stephen F. Olford
Founder and Chairman of The Board,
Encounter Ministries, Inc.

'It is a privilege for me to be able to commend our dear brother, Marty Goetz, to you as one who participated with us in Central Park Rally in New York City.

Marty's witness for Christ and obvious joy and commitment to Him is not only contagious, but very effective in sharing his love for the Lord and his love for people. God has given him a unique gift in communication, not only with the songs that he writes and sings, but also his personal comments and sense of humor. His singing, playing the piano, and his speaking from the brief contacts that we have had have been so well received. We pray that God will continue to richly bless his ministry in the days to come.'

Cliff Barrows
Billy Graham Crusades

'Marty Goetz is one of the most exciting and spirit-filled Christian ministering today! I put the emphasis on 'ministering'! He is anointed of the Holy Spirit. When he sings his music to the Psalms, I think it must be the way King David would have performed them. Marty would be great for a revival, concert, seder or to lead a praise worship service. Our congregation loved his leadership.

Jim Whitmire
Minister of Music, Bellevue Baptist Church