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Marty Goetz


Broadway show tunes including 'Moon River' and other songs from the 'tin pan alley' days.


What is it about movies that make us cry, or songs that stir in us a longing? Why does a heart-wrenching melody or an uplifting instrumentation move me to tears regardless of its origin, whether secular or religious?

Growing up in a house that was always filled with music, I heard everything from Bernstein to Bach. Having a dad who could sing and play piano was a plus, because you could bring the party with you. If we went to a restaurant and there was a piano, Dad would inevitably be on it by the end of the night, but he wouldn't be playing "He is My Defense" or kicking his feet to "Jew Born Anew." Instead, he would be belting out "Embraceable You" or serenading an audience (which would always form) with a gentle lullaby from Peter Pan.

Why, you might ask? Because these songs spoke a universal language to those who would hear. It stirred in them a longing for love, for hope, for joy, for peace, for something greater than what was right in front of them.

Our God is the creator of notes, of sound, and of music. Whether my dad's restaurant going audience knew it or not, they were drawn to more than a song. They were drawn to the heart of something deeper-- a piece of God's truth, a piece of beauty.

As you listen to this album of timeless standards and classic favorites, remember that God works how he wants, when he wants, through whatever he wants. I have seen this to be true in many areas of life, especially when it comes to music.

I hope you can enjoy these songs as I have and see the beauty that can be found "in all the old familiar places."

I'll be seeing you. - Misha

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